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  • Do you have a desire to move to another level of growth in your spiritual life?
  • Do you want to operate more powerfully in the purpose God has given to you?
  • Are you struggling with illness, finances, marriage, singleness, relationships, parenting, work, or just concerned by the continuous news of others in your life that are suffering? 

I am seeking you to join our movement to saturate the earth with prayer as an intercessor. An intercessor is one who recognizes their position in prayer to be the source of connecting with God on behalf of others who may or may not be open to receiving salvation and deliverance. Following the example of Christ and the principle of the scripture, "Praying always with all prayer and supplication for all saints" (Ephesians 6:18). Intercessory prayer is the type of prayer that gives the Christian power to obey the greatest commandment Christ gave to us all, to "love my neighbor as myself". Loving through intercessory prayer can connect to and see breakthrough for the hardest heart, deepest wounded spirit and greatest stronghold of the enemy.

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There are many spiritual and natural benefits to an intercessor Partnership that are going to enhance your life and life of others in a powerful way. We look forward to joining togehter in saturating the earth with prayer

We are seeking Intercessors!

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